SaskTel Pioneer Awards


SaskTel Pioneer Reach for the Stars Award

The SaskTel Pioneers would also like to introduce the Reach for the Stars Award. SaskTel Pioneer Clubs can enter any Pioneer Project that was active between Oct 2016 and Dec 2017. The project does not have to be complete but the majority of the work should be done for one time projects.  A project can only win once.

All entries will be voted on to determine the top winners.  The winning Club will win $1000

All winners will be announced at the SaskTel Pioneer Chapter Meeting in May.

Vote for your Favorite SaskTel Pioneer Project Starting May 1, 2018 Thru to May 15, 2018 at midnight

The following projects have been submitted for your review. Once you have completed your review, please vote on your favorite project  Please only one vote per person.  Voting is now closed.

Bridge City Pioneers -Power Packs

Bridge City Pioneers – Random Act of Kindness

Yorkton Pioneers – Diamond in the Rough (YouTube Video)

Bridge City Pioneers -Reading with Students

2018 Winner is the Yorkton Pioneers – Diamond in the Rough


SaskTel Pioneer Hero Award

The SaskTel Pioneers would like to introduce the Pioneer Hero Award. For every 20 hours of cumulative time for SaskTel Pioneer projects submitted by Dec 31, 2017 you will automatically receive one entry into a draw. There will be one prize for Retired Pioneers, one Prize for Pioneers still working and one Prize for Pioneer Partners/others. Each winner will receive a gift certificate for Dinner for 2.    **Note time attending Social events is not included.

To enter your time please go to the Pioneer website and submit your hours and you will automatically be entered into the draw.


What is a SaskTel Pioneer Project?

A SaskTel Pioneer Project is conceived by a SaskTel Pioneer club, member or SasKTel Pioneer group to help meet the needs of our Community. The planning, design, and completion of the project can be done completely by Pioneers, Partners and Friend/relatives or partnerships can be formed with other organizations to help with any aspect of the project.

Pioneer Projects could also be those projects that have be conceived by another organization and the Pioneers have been asked to help with the project. i.e. STARS

Who can submit a project?

Any Pioneer Member can submit a project.

When do projects have to be submitted?

By Oct 31, 2016 at midnight. Please submit early to avoid technical difficulties.

Can a club submit more than one project?


Who gets the prize money?

The project that has the top votes will be awarded the $1000 prize which will be given to the sponsoring Club to be used to support other SaskTel Pioneer Projects. In the case of a tie, the prize money will be split equally between the winning clubs.

How does the voting work?

All Pioneer Members will be notified by e-mail when voting begins. There will be a link in the email that will take you to a voting application where the project will be listed. Select your favorite project.  Feel free to share the link with family and friends. Prior to voting, please review all submitted projects.

A link on the SaskTel Pioneer Website is also available and anyone can use it too vote.

How many times can I vote?

You can only vote once.

I cannot see all the projects in Doodle.

Click on the accordion section of the ribbon, to expand the projects list.

 I am having difficulties or questions about the template.

Any issues with the template can be forwarded to Please include your name, email address and your question or concern.

I am having issues submitting my Project template and associated documents.

Please contact the Pioneer Manager at Please include your name, email address and your issue.

Do I need to fill in all sections of the template?

No. Please feel free to omit section(s) of the template that do not apply to your project and add additional sections as required.

How many Pictures can I add to a template?

Add as many pictures as you like keeping in mind that if the template gets to large there could be problems submitting it.

Can I add a Video to my template?

Yes as a link but remember to send the video with your submission.