Supporting education, especially literacy, is the focal point of many Pioneers initiatives. Pioneers education programs address the needs of young people, with an emphasis on literacy, personal development, technology skills, and mentoring.

Computers for Schools is a program where the Pioneers refurbish computers and donate them to schools throughout Saskatchewan.  We also donate books to schools which are purchased from FirstBooks Canada.

Life Enrichment

We have a special love for senior citizens and people with disabilities. Making a difference in people’s lives is something we are passionate about. Life enrichment projects include building wheelchair ramps and educating seniors on modern technology.

Enriching the lives of the visually impaired is a Pioneer legacy. Using recycled telephone parts, the Pioneers invented Beeping Easter Eggs. Pioneers build the eggs, which are then used in Easter Egg hunts for visually impaired children around Saskatchewan.  The SaskTel Pioneers also collect used eyeglasses and donate them to the CNIB to give to people in need.

Health & Human Services

In times of crisis, the Pioneers are there to help. From stocking food banks during natural disasters to providing gifts for children in need during the holidays, no need is too big or too small.

The Hug-A-Bears program is a decades old Pioneers project that provides soft, cuddly bears for children who are in traumatic situations. These bears ride along with police and firefighters across Saskatchewan. The bears have also been spotted in nursing homes, providing comfort and a reminder of the Pioneer spirit.

The SaskTel Pioneers also make Heart Pillows for heart patients.  One of the ways patients have been able to reduce their discomfort after open heart surgery is with the use of a heart-shaped pillow—filled with firm stuffing, that can help provide comfort, reduce pain and protect the surgery’s incision site.


Caring for our environment is important to Pioneers. You will see us cleaning up parks and beaches, building trails and ramps and championing recycle projects. Our service projects make our hometowns cleaner, greener, safer and more inviting.

A new project for the SaskTel Pioneers is the Save the Bees.  This project sees the Pioneers making packets of seeds that can be planted in our communities.  These seeds make flowers that are friendly to bees and help keep the bee population thriving.


We support our military serving overseas and care for their families back at home. We also have a special love for our veterans and we do what we can to help them and honor their service.

The paracord bracelet is a new project the SaskTel Pioneers are starting.  Paracord bracelets are a neat bit of gear. Each bracelet is in effect a miniature survival kit, holding 10 feet of 550 paracord. We will be donating these to an organization that donates the items to the military.