Project Leader(s) Duties

  1. Contact the past Project Leader to get feedback on previous event (if applicable).
  2. Get a copy of the previous postmortem (if available) Include successes and improvements.
  3. Contact the volunteers from the previous event (see timesheet), list all volunteers for the current year.
  4. Identify the supplies required.
  5. Keep a list of the costs (Expenses and Incomes).
  6. Include a list of contacts including the facility used and catering where applicable.
  7. Identify the timeline:
    • How long it took to set up the project.
    • Was the time line adequate? If not, why?
  8. Facilities: Was this facility adequate? If not, why?
  9. Catering: Was the food prepared the way you desired?
  10. Use the Pioneer Online Participation Report to track and report volunteer participation including all hours worked and by whom. (Or email this Excel spreadsheet to
  11. Submit an online Pioneer Project Postmortem Report after the event.

If your project was a fundraising event, a Fundraising Project Summary needs to be completed at the end of the project to track financial details. The following guidelines have been created to assist you in completing the Project Summary:

  1. To be completed by Project Leader upon completion of the project
  2. All expenses and income is to be reported on the form and all receipts should be attached to the form being sent to the treasurer.
  3. The Project Leader should sign the form on the ‘submitted by’ line.
  4. Submit the form immediately upon completion of the project to your treasurer and the Pioneer Director.
  5. Retain a copy of the form for your project file.
  6. Questions? Contact the Pioneer Director.
  7. This form should also be used by Project Leaders, when projects are other than fundraising projects (e.g. Hug-a-Bear). In these cases:
    • Cross out the word fundraising on the form heading.
    • Do not send a copy of the Summary to Chapter 59.

If you take any pictures that may be used on the website or for other Pioneer publicity, make sure you have the appropriate photo release filled out. Send a paper copy of the completed form to the Pioneer Director. These are only kept for one year, so be sure there is a current one. Child form, generic form, photographer form.