Get Involved

Helping People

We meet people from all places, exotic cultures, weathered faces. We meet people wherever we go  it’s the world we live in,  it’s the ebb and the flow. They may be good people or strangers without hope living in hardship, needing tools to cope.

The good people stay with us they provide what we need. We become family and friends no matter the colour or creed. The sad and the broken walk into the night, looking for warmth and seeking the light.

Our friends turn into a hurricane of life. They love us like family, a brother or wife. The world is better when we all do our best to help those in need, no judgment or jest.

So let’s offer some energy, time or a hand to make all lives better, to make all lives grand.

By Shea Mueller

  • Once a week, once a month or once a year…once you get involved, you will soon realize the benefits of being a member of TelecomPioneers.
  • Are you interested in…
    • Improving the quality of life in your community?
    • The good feeling you get from helping others?
    • Combining family time with volunteerism?
    • A volunteer schedule that fits with yours?
    • Strengthening Education?
    • Networking with co-workers?
    • Honing your leadership skills?
  • These and a host of other opportunities await you in TelecomPioneers. Our dedicated members volunteer their time and their talents to champion community needs. In addition to the personal benefits derived from helping others and making a difference, the benefits of being a Pioneer include access to our suite of preferred vendors.
  • To learn more about the benefits of being a member of TelecomPioneers, TelecomPioneers website.