Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers should help you learn more about the SaskTel Pioneers Payday Lottery. Good luck, and thanks for helping the SaskTel Pioneer Volunteers support some excellent causes!

When do I sign up for the lottery?

Please complete the enrollment form for the 2022/2023 Payday Lottery and inter-office mail or fax to the address and numbers provided on the form as soon as possible. Payroll deductions of $5 per payday will commence on your pay check on the date specified.

If you wish to enrol throughout the year, you can do so, however our Lottery License requires that you must pay for the draws that you have missed, and then on a go-forward basis have fee deducted from your pay.

Employees and retirees can complete the form for the 2022/2023 Payday Lottery.  Print the form, complete it, and send it along with any cheques (if required) to the following address:

SaskTel Pioneer Payday Lottery
c/o SaskTel Pioneers
2121 Saskatchewan Drive, 2nd Floor
Regina, SK
S4P 3Y2

Who is eligible to sign up for the SaskTel Pioneer Payday Lottery?

This lottery is only eligible to members of the SaskTel, DirectWest , or SecurTek employees or retirees who reside in Saskatchewan.

Can I remain enrolled if I leave the company?

Employees who leave the company or go on leave (ie. Maternity or sick) will have the option to purchase the outstanding balance of their tickets. Otherwise, when payroll deductions are terminated, your name will be removed from the draw.

I plan to retire during the next year; can I still enroll in the Lottery through payroll deduction?

Yes, the deductions will be made from your pay until your retirement date. Once you retire, you will be required to provide a cheque for the balance remaining. Please make arrangements by calling the Pioneer Office at 306-777-2515, toll free at 1-866-944-4442 or send an email.

I am going on maternity leave; can I stay in the lottery?

Yes, it is your responsibility to contact the Pioneer Office at 777-2515 or sending an email to make arrangements for payment, as there is no payroll deduction option for those on maternity leave.

How much does it cost to join the SaskTel Pioneer Payday Lottery?

The total cost is $130.00. For employees you will have the $5 deducted every two weeks from your payroll. You will see the deduction on your paystub. Retirees and SecurTek Employees have the option to provide a cheque for the full $130.

What if I don’t want to pay through payroll deduction?

Unfortunately, all employees of SaskTel and DirectWest must pay through payroll deduction. Employees of Securtek, and retirees are the only people who can pay by cheque.

May I purchase more than one entry into the Payday Lottery?

No you may not. System limitations do not allow us to have more than one deduction of the same kind taken off.

How many draws will be held?

There will be 29 prizes drawn during the course of the Payday Lottery. There will be a draw every two weeks (every Thursday opposite payday) of $500 each. An exception to this will be that there will be two draws on April 29th, November 11th and January 6th.

(See calendar for complete listing)

Can I win a prize more than once?

If you win a $500 prize and the Pioneer Week prize your name will be returned for future draws. All grand prize winners will be eligible to win $500 prizes, but will not be entered in further grand prize draws.

Are my tickets tax-deductible?

According to Revenue Canada, lottery tickets are not tax-deductible, since there is the possibility that the ticket could be exchanged for a prize.

Are the prizes considered taxable benefits?

No, you will not be required to pay any tax in relation to the prizes available to be won in this lottery.

Who do I call if I have any questions?

If you have access to email, send your question by email, otherwise call the Pioneer Office at 306-777-2515 or 1-866-944-4442.