Casual Dress Days

Casual Dress Days

Every month (excluding July and August), the SaskTel Pioneers have a Casual Dress Day where employees can pay $1 for a sticker to wear on their clothing to show their support for a certain charity. Each area has a different coordinator who is responsible for distributing stickers. If you are interested in being a coordinator for your group or floor, please contact Laurel Werner (link with my email address).

Themes are optional. They are a lot of fun though. Pictures from various years. If you have pictures that you would like posted, please send them to Laurel Werner.

The following is a list of dates and organizations for 2019 Casual Dress Days:

2019 Dates* Recipient of Proceeds Proceeds raised Donation Amount**
1/24/2019 Alzheimers Society $306.30  $613.00
2/21/2019 Telemiracle $313.25  $627.00
3/21/2019 Chili for Children $244.85  $490.00
4/18/2019 Breast Cancer Research Foundation $269.70  $540.00
5/16/2019 Cystic Fibrosis $250.00 $500.00
6/13/2019 Dress Plaid for Dad $317.95 $636.00
9/19/2019 Autism Resource Centre $286.00 $572.00
10/17/2019 Kidney Foundation *** $0.00 $570.00
11/28/2019 Heart & Stroke Foundation
12/19/2019 Arthritis Society
*Dates can fluctuate within a month based on floor coordinator availability and holidays.

**For 2019, the SaskTel Pioneers are matching every dollar donated by employees to casual dress day.

*** Due to labour disruption, Casual Dress Day was not held. Organization was issued average distribution of prior months

For more information, contact Laurel Werner – 777-3627 – email.