About Us

Our Mission

Pioneers is a network of volunteers who effect immediate, tangible change in local communities.

Our History

The Telephone Pioneers started in Boston on November 2, 1911, originally as a means for the first retirees from the Telephone Industry to keep in contact with their working colleagues. Over time the Organization changed from a social club to one dedicated to community service.

As of October 5, 2002, the name of the organization officially changed from Telephone Pioneers of America to the TelecomPioneers. Today the TelecomPioneers are the largest industry based volunteer organization in the world with over 450,000 members. Saskatchewan Chapter 59 became a member of the Association on October 14, 1947.

Built on the principles of Fellowship, Service and Loyalty (the 3 sides of the Pioneer Triangle), the SaskTel Pioneers presently have a membership of 4350 province wide.

There are 12 clubs across Saskatchewan.

Our Partnerships

In 1995, recognizing the need to strengthen and build on an already solid relationship, a formal partnership was signed between the Pioneers and SaskTel. In return for being a part of the SaskTel planning process the Pioneers provide a business plan which assists SaskTel in meeting its commitment to social responsibility and good citizenship. This business plan includes the Pioneers being involved in activities that align to the researched needs of our communities, membership and sponsoring company.

The Pioneers are presently involved in the following activities in partnership with SaskTel:

  • Salvage Operations – Selling surplus computers with the funds being used to assist programs the Pioneers are involved with.
  • Corporate Contributions – Pioneers provide the hands on volunteers at many provincial non-profit events.